15 January 2019

Madrid, Spain, 15 January 2019 – The Axarnet Group, a Spanish market leader in web and cloud hosting, joins Total Webhosting Solutions (“TWS”) to accelerate the execution of its ambitious growth plan.

Axarnet Group, a top 10 Spanish hosting provider, joins TWS, the fast-growing Dutch market leader in webhosting. For TWS the Spanish acquisition is the first step in realizing their European ambitions.

Axarnet Group has been providing web and cloud hosting services for over 20 years in Spain. The group serves more than 10,000 customers and is one of the leading hosting companies in Spain. It’s ambition is to be a regional leader, and continue to grow fast both organically and through acquisitions. The acquisition by TWS gives Axarnet Group access to many best practices, a peer network and sufficient funds to accelerate the ambitious growth plan.


Ventura Gil Peña, CEO Axarnet Group

“I am pleased with the opportunity TWS brings to the Axarnet Group as a company and to me personally. TWS will act as an accelerator as they bring operational best practices from other TWS colleagues combined with financial flexibility and experience. This will enable me to build my own group quicker and more efficient than pursuing my ambitions on my own. The decentralized philosophy and management style of TWS, assuring more autonomy for participating entrepreneurs, guarantees that I can continue spending my time with my team and with potential new acquisition candidates”.


Matthieu van Amerongen, CEO TWS

“With TWS we bring an alternative to the market for small and mid-sized hosting companies. In a consolidating market, ambitious hosting companies are looking for best practices in operations and technology to maintain their market position and/or are looking for support to efficiently and quickly expand their current business through i.e. acquisitions. TWS offers these best practices as well as a network of peers where webhosters can relate too. I am pleased that Ventura Gil Peña is joining our team”.

About Axarnet Group

The Axarnet Group currently consists of three labels:

Axarnet, an Internet service provider specialized in domain management and high availability hosting services for corporate and private web projects.  Axarnet is located in Malaga.

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Infortelecom is a Spanish company which has been providing Internet services since 1996 and has offices in Madrid and Valencia. Infortelecom manages over 50,000 domains in total and has approximately 10,000 clients worldwide.

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Cartagon is a leading Spanish Managed Cloud Service Provider, specialized in hybrid cloud solutions. With 18 years of experience in the IT market, they operate 4 data centers in Spain and the US, and have premier partnerships with the main cloud players

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About Total Webhosting Solutions (‘TWS’)

TWS operates in the webhosting and cloud services market and consists of several autonomous business units. Each unit delivers products and (specialized) services to their market segment. As a result of their autonomous character, the business units are agile, adaptive and provide the highest possible added value for customers. Furthermore, being part of TWS enables them to improve effectiveness, guarantee quality, and invest in the future. TWS provides financial security, strategic guidance, and best practices for businesses. Other companies that operate under the umbrella of TWS include Yourhosting, Versio, PC Extreme, RealHosting, De Heeg, Savvii, Provider, Neostrada and Reviced Cloud Services.

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09 March 2018

PCextreme, VIP Internet and Savvii join TWS

Zwolle, The Netherlands, 9 March 2018 – Total Webhosting Solutions (TWS) strengthens its leading position in the Dutch IT market by acquiring Pcextreme, VIP Internet and Savvii.

PCextreme has been active as an Internet Service Provider since 2004. The technically driven company is known for its advanced cloud infrastructure and webhosting services.

“We have kept a close eye on market developments and explored in which position we can maximize the potential of PCextreme,” said Lennert den Teuling, CEO of PCextreme. “By being part of TWS, we can focus on our strengths and core-business and preserve our autonomy and unique identity at the same time. This was decisive in our decision to join the TWS group.”

Ever since its establishment in 1999, VIP Internet has been providing shared hosting services. From the outset, the company offered domain name registrations. Now VIP Internet is one of the largest regional hosts in the Nederlands.

The fast-growing company Savvii has been active as a Managed WordPress hosting provider since 2013. Five years later they are now the largest Managed WordPress host in the Netherlands. Savvii provides a fast and safe environment for WordPress sites. Savvii’s focus is on agencies and on providing good support.

Flip Keijzer, CEO of VIP Internet and Savvii: “Affiliating to TWS enables VIP Internet and Savvii to expand our (inter)national position. Simultaneously, we get the unique opportunity to share best practices with and learn from other business units within TWS. I am convinced that this next step takes our businesses to an even higher level.”

Operating independently with the benefits of a group

Within TWS the separate business units operate independently, which stimulates entrepreneurship and allows them to respond quickly and optimally to market opportunities. As a group, TWS has the scale to achieve cost-effectiveness, guarantee quality and invest in the future.

Matthieu van Amerongen, TWS: “With Savvii, VIP Internet and PCextreme, we include three great companies to the rapidly expanding TWS group. Each in their own way, these new acquisitions help us achieve our goal of becoming the best-in-class service provider in the market. We are happy to welcome our new colleagues to the group.”

TWS’s ambition is to accelerate growth with new acquisitions throughout The Netherlands and Europe.

21 February 2018

Strikwerda Investments and Yourholding launch Total Webhosting Solutions: new market leader in the Dutch webhosting industry

Zwolle, The Netherlands, 21 February 2018 – The Dutch family-owned investment corporation Strikwerda Investments (SI) and Yourholding, the parent company of Yourhosting, Realtime Register and Resello, join forces. Yourholding is one of the biggest hosting providers in the Netherlands. This partnership lays a solid foundation for a new label: Total Webhosting Solutions (TWS). By also acquiring RealHosting, Reviced Cloud Services and Versio, TWS instantly becomes the market leader in the Netherlands.

Yourholding is a specialized web hosting and cloud service provider and focuses on SMEs. Ever since its establishment in 2001, the company has strengthened its leading position in the Dutch IT market. Valentijn Borstlap, CEO of Yourholding: “Our main focus for the next few years is expanding our current market position together with SI. We’re actively looking for new ways to scale up in this fast consolidating industry. Our partnership with SI enables us to accelerate this process and acquire businesses in the hosting and cloud service market.”

Consolidation in the Dutch hosting industry has been an ongoing trend for some time now. Pure size has become more important for successfully attending to customers. However, it still is a very fragmented industry. TWS aims to be the driving force behind further consolidation in this industry. Within TWS the separate Business Units operate independently, which stimulates entrepreneurship and allows them to quickly and relevantly respond to market opportunities. As a whole, its company size enables TWS to achieve cost-effectiveness, guarantee quality, and invest in the future. Matthieu van Amerongen, CFO of TWS: “SI has a lot of experience with helping companies like TWS thrive. We aim to combine the strength of agile and entrepreneurial companies with the professionalism and sustainability of a large company. We look forward to welcoming more entrepreneurs to TWS.”

This investment fits perfectly into SI’s overall strategy of investing in ambitious companies that strive to become an industry-leading platform. Besides taking part in Total Specific Solutions and Vancis, TWS is a leading new platform for the Dutch market and, as such, a valuable addition to SI’s portfolio.