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About us

TWS is market leader in the Netherlands with European ambitions in webhosting, domain names and cloud services. Our international teams of dedicated specialists deliver cloud based services to thousands of partners and millions of customers globally. Our mission is to foster success through innovative cross boarder collaboration between enterprises, clients and private persons. TWS provides a platform with technical, organisational- and financial recourses to take your webhosting business to the next level.

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At Total Webhosting Solutions (TWS), we believe that people are the heart and the engine of a company. So when we acquire a new business, it is about investing in people and doing what it takes to help manage and grow businesses for life. To accomplish this, we operate a decentralized model, pushing decision-making down to the front lines where the people who know the industry best cando what is right for clients. This is why TWS has a buy-and-hold-forever strategy, and why we challenge our employees in all our businesses to try and do new things every day.


10,000 Partners

180 Employees

150 Countries

2.5M Domains

Buy and build experience

We are building a leading European webhosting platform, combining the power of fast, agile and entrepreneurial companies with the power of professionalism and sustainability of a large company. Partnering with TWS for buy and build experience and financial and legal expertise, will combine our collective assets and respective strengths for significant speed and execution advantages.

Matthieu van AmerongenCEO Total Webhosting Solutions